Did your facebook post work?

Facebook Abacus
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Everytime we publish on Facebook, we ask ourselves if the results of the post is good or bad. At DIGUI we have tried to create indicators to determine if the results of a post were the right ones or not, independently of the total number of followers.

After assessing hundreds of post on different pages, we established a series of values that measure the course of a publication and evaluate its possible success. These are elaborated from Facebook’s own data, with reference values coming from our own measures and expectations, verified with our costumers. We always work with the organic data of posts, since that if there is an effort of paid promotion more or less important, this tends to distord the results.

The values that we think are important to measure are:

  • The Reach of the post: We know that the organic reach has diminished in many cases because of Facebook’s own policies. If it is inferior to 25% of the followers, it means that we aren’t doing it properly, and if it is less than 50% it means that we don’t have the expected results. On the contrary, if we get over 100% of the followers or if we even go further from that, that means we reached successfully our goal of spreading our message.
  • The Interactions: They are the sum of likes, comments and shares of the post. In many blogs we found average data of expectations in function of the sector and the number of follower of the page. We believe that they don’t adapt properly and in any case they are way under what we consider normal values. If it is inferior to 3% we estimate that the post hasn’t been interesting for our followers, on the other hand if it is over 8% it means that they want to comment and/or support our message.
  • The Clicks: They are the interactions with links, pics or videos added to our post. We used the same values as for the interactions, because we consider that our final goal is that the followers check and read our content. This variable can be analized separetely from the previous one if our objective is to redirect traffic towards a web of a blog.
  • The Quality of Shares: It allows us to measure the quality of the shares. If the shares of our post are not quality ones, it will be difficult to successful and get an important number of interactions. To have  under a 10% of interactions coming from share would mean that the shares of the post, if any, weren’t good. If it’s over 20% means that shares brought us visitors and probably new followers with a hight visibility of our content.

On Social Networks, and especially on Facebook, one must not only take in account the absolute value of followers as an unique indicator of success. With these indicators we can measure large, medium and small pages. Maybe with just a few followers we can have a large spreading of ours posts. But maybe lots of followers that don’t interact with us don’t bring us value as a brand and don’t help to spread the messages.

Do you agree with those indicators and the reference values we defined? Bring your comments from your personal experience, and maybe we will be able to define values that will allow to measure more objectively the efficiency of Facebook’s posts.

Open Excel with values

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